: Our remix of Mohombi's "In your head" just passed 100k views on Youtube!

: Paupau has just released her music video to the song "Move Bitch" and we are very proud to be her producers!

Written by Paupau, Zerina and Slumber Party

: Last week Korean girl band RAINBOW released their Japanese album "Over the Rainbow" on which we have written the track "Alright". And after less than a week the album positioned itself as number 5 on the Oricon chart!

Written by Mohombi Moupundo, Bruno Dash, Santiago Rodriguez, Ninos Hanna and of course by Slumber Party ;)

: Our remix of Mohombi's song In Your Head is now on Youtube. YAY!

: We just got a song released in China with artist 唐笑 (Don Laughed), with music video and all! Great news! ;)

See the video at China's version of YouTube - Yinyuetai.

Written by Slumber Party, Pauline Högberg, Emelie Irewald and Jens Evaldsson. Publisher: Hitworks.

: We are now a proud part of the La Clique Music Camp. La Clique is an awesome camp where we are working with extremely talented songwriters and producers. Together we have already written some fantastic tracks, and lots more are coming! ;)

: We got hired to produce four instrumental backtracks for Swedish artist I.D.A. This is the first single. Now available on Spotify: I.D.A. - Sha la la.

: Even though it's chilly today, we're in summer mode and made this tech-house inspired tune. We'll try to get it out there this summer and are looking for labels interested in tunes likes this. You know of one? Send us a note!

Lyrics? - NO!

Vocals? - yes!

Music and lyrics(?) by Slumber Party only.

: Yesterday Anniela released her new album "Electric", on which we have produced two tracks.

Party Crusher on Spotify

Produced by Slumber Party. Music & lyrics by Jens Duvsjö. Lead vocals: Anniela

: Yesterday Anniela released her new album "Electric", on which we have produced two tracks.

Love Muscle on Spotify

Produced by Slumber Party. Music & lyrics by David Ford, Ben Taylor, Damien Valentine Mayek & Ericah N Roy. Lead vocals: Anniela, backing vocals: Naomi

: Our song with Niklas Berglöf is now finished! A friend of us (thank you Maja) got us an awesome looking old cassette two-track recorder with great tape compression and noise - we decided to put it to use immediately..

Music by Slumber Party and Niklas Berglöf, lyrics by Niklas Berglöf.

: We just initiated a collaboration with singer Niklas Berglöf. We will write at least one song together for our project and we are pleased to get started on making music for use under our own name. We'll post a preview when available.

: We have produced two tracks (Love Muscle and Party Crusher) for the artist Anniela's second album. Tomorrow (12 feb) she's performing on Swedish Melodifestivalen (Swedish part of Eurovision Song Contest).

Of course we cannot publish the songs here until the album is released, but rest assured we'll do it when it is!

: We decided to get rid of our old blog type of website and instead just keep it as simple as possible. This is the page. Just a list of what we've done and some news updates.

: This new song is remotely connected to our other song Sushi. It evolves around something edible. Here we got to use our favourite synth Prophet-5 too ;)

Music and lyrics by Slumber Party and Paupau

: Here’s a new track called “All I need” – the result of mondays session with our new singer Amelie Eiding. Made on request by Hitworks.

Music by Slumber Party. Lyrics by Slumber Party and Jens Evaldsson. Vocals performed by Amelie Eiding.

: Today we had our first session with singer Amelie Eiding. It was great and after just a couple of hours a brand new track was recorded! we’ll post when mix and edits are done!

Also! We will be moving to a new studio this week. Situated in the heart of Stockholm with only minutes of walking distance from the central station. AWESOME! More info (and pics) will arrive later..

: We just finished a new tune with female rapper Zerina and our darling Pauline. We believe it’s a banger and have been headbanging so hard we need to lie down for at least week now. Enjoy!

Music by Slumber Party. Lyrics by Slumber Party, Paupau and Zerina Mujicin.

: Here’s a demo of our song For a night that we just finished. It is available for pitching.

Music by Slumber Party. Lyrics by Slumber Party and Paupau

: Our brand new song Sushi is a banger tune with hiphop vibes in the verses and real dancce style club kick in the chorus.

Music and lyrics by Slumber Party and Paupau